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JoyLife Press is a new publishing company focused on books and stories that inspire. Got a story to tell? JoyLife Press publishes books by individuals who learned to find joy, letting go of things that kept them from living a joy-filled life. If this fits you and you’ve wanted to write a book, let us hear from you.

In the meantime, I have a story to tell you. A young man went off to war in June 1943. He was chosen to serve in the mysterious OSS (Office of Strategic Services) because he was a fast typist. Back home he had a young wife he had married one month before going to war. One day he prayed, “God, if you’ll get me back home, I promise I’ll serve you.” The young man’s name was Benny. He did come home to his young wife, and they had three children. The third child was named Angela. That Angela is me, and I published a book about my dad and his comrades that he stayed in contact with through the years. The book is called Phantom Seven and is currently being reprinted through JoyLife Press.



Secret Heroes of WWII and OSS

by Angela Horn

Phantom Seven is a collection of memoirs told by Benny McCoy and others who served in World War II and/or Office of Strategic Services.

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